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A simple premise: The media world is full of enough yelling, but not enough context.  Come to Lippmann Would Roll (LWR) for in-depth coverage of media, law, and policy issues.  In dissecting all three, Lippmann Would Roll provides tempered analysis and opinion supported by a variety of sources.  Suggestions?  Let me know.  Otherwise, a good place to start is the “Topics” page tab located above.

Author Quoted/Cited In:

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Praise for LWR:

Alicia Shepard, Former NPR Ombudsman: “Schafer is correct. It’s just plain sloppy and embarrassing to the profession to have so many reputable news organizations getting the numbers wrong.”

Richard Sambrook, Former BBC World Service and Global News Director: “To an outsider, good coverage of NPR row.”

PolitiFact, a Project of the St. Petersburg Times: “Matt Schafer says the Lie of the Year is that ‘[f]act-checkers are worthless’.”

Rachel Sterne, Chief Digital Officer of New York City: “Matt Schafer’s insightful, informed media commentary is an asset to [citizen journalism].  Schafer has his finger on the pulse of the industry, and reports with eloquence, balance, and a public service mentality.”

Kevin Smith, Former President of the Society of Professional Journalists: “I think that [your article] is one of the most comprehensive explanations of [the Federal Shield Law] situation I’ve seen. Nicely done.”

Ben Parr, Former Co-Editor of Mashable: “Schafer breaks down the dynamic and changing landscape of media with a refreshingly detailed and analytical perspective.  He doesn’t just spout commentary, but backs it up with quotes and research.  Media professionals should put LWR in their RSS readers.”

Dan Lawton, Former Public Policy Columnist and Independent Reporter: “Stumbled onto media blog of Matthew Schafer . . . Good stuff”

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