First Amendment

From Internet “Kill Switches” to broadband data usage caps to online censorship, Lippmann Would Roll attempts to cover a wide variety of topics that matter — or should matter — to you.

Internet Policy

Focusing primarily on net neutrality — the right of Internet users to uninhibited access to the Web’s wealth of information — Lippmann Would Roll breaks down complicated issues of Internet Policy so we can all better understand these complex issues.

Local Journalism

Lippmann Would Roll’s local journalism topic tracks the ever-eroding news quality of local news outlets, and shows in vivid detail just how bad it really is.

Media Policy

Media policy has turned into a catch-all of sorts.  Predominately, Lippmann Would Roll examines the changing conceptions of news, news makers, and journalists.  Specifically, the focus is often on journalists’ relationships with the audience, and how the audience perceives the journalist’s role.

Mobile Policy

Mobile policy tracks the issues of the day as relating to your mobile phone.  Who controls what applications are available, how much data you are allotted, and how private your phone really is are all issues Lippmann Would Roll addresses.

Political Communication

Journalism is political.  So, Lippmann Would Roll strives to present a view of those instances where journalism shakes up the political climate.  From Twitter and the revolutions in the Middle East to WikiLeaks, LWR explains how politicians, journalists, and the public interact.

Public Media

Public media is still ranked as one of the most trusted sources of news.  Moreover, non-profit journalism endeavors are sprouting up across the country, and redefining how journalism is produced.  Lippmann Would Roll highlights why public media is important, and shows why their preservation is more than politics.